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Paris- Eiffel tower

, originally uploaded by vivienne.lai.

Always a beautiful piece to photograph. Got there for the light up of the Eiffel tower

St Thomas - Caribbean

Lime Tree Beach, originally uploaded by vivienne.lai.

Just a taste of how beautiful the Caribbean is. I was lucky enough to sit on beaches alone and read my book and go snorkelling! Best holiday ever!!

Sex and the City - cupcakes

red velvet, originally uploaded by vivienne.lai.

So went out walking with my mum on the weekend and she was adiment about going to this bakery called Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street which was made famous by the girls from Sex and the Cit. Being told there is always a line up that goes around the corner we were lucky enough not to expericen that and able to also score the most famous cupcake called "red velvet".

However, just as we left, we saw the signature line up that went around the corner! SO LUCKY US!

Cupcakes were delish by the way... :)

Red Light District

Red Light District
Originally uploaded by vivienne.lai
I just saw this and a few other photos on a Holland Website


it says I posted it when I didn't even do it! I mean don't get me wrong. I'm flattered that they chose my photos. But anyway any exposer is good exposer!

Christmas Anyone?

Originally uploaded by vivienne.lai
Its so cold over here and there are so many ice rinks here, thousands of christmas trees and people singing carols :)

This is what christmas should be. Everyone is so festive here. I've just come back from the Christmas Markets in Koln Germany and loved every second of it.

You don't see these sort of trees lying around in Australia :)

Ninja Bos

Ninja Bos
Originally uploaded by vivienne.lai
he's ALWAYS up to no good :0)


Originally uploaded by vivienne.lai
I want to take more photos of famous landscapes on my travels overseas. This is the start of many :)

my minicorn

to all you people out there. I am staying at Ericas house at the moment and being out in Rhodes with no company I've gone slightly crazy. So I've made some imaginary friends. MY dear friend Luke and I have decided to create a new animal call Mr Bubbles MiLai the Minicorn ( Shetaland Pony cross Unicorn) . To get a better idea of what it looks like or its herigate. Look at Lukes website for more info on Mr Bubbles.